Disneyland Paris: From Sketch to Reality

Released on the 10th anniversary of the opening of the park, this amazing book offers a rare glimpse behind the scenes of Imagineering - its process and its people. This comprehensive study of the Disney culture took over five years to create - with 320 pages and 750 pictures, it comprises arguably the most in-depth look at what it takes to build a Disney theme park.

The Imagineering Way

Famed for making dreams come true, the Disney Imagineers are world renowned for their incomparable creativity and their ability to turn fanciful ideas into reality. How do they do this? By approaching all projects, problems, and questions with the knowledge that they will undoubtedly accomplish the task set before them.

Designing Disney's Theme Parks - The Architecture of Reassurance

This study is the first to examine the influence of Disneyland on both our built environment and our architectural imagination. Tracing the relationship of the Disney parks to their historical fore-bearers, this book charts Disneyland's evolution from one man's personal dream to a multinational enterprise, a process in which the Disney "magic" has moved ever closer to the real world.

The Haunted Mansion: From the Magic Kingdom to the Movies

Illustrating how the Mansion's 999 "grim grinning ghosts" moved from sketches to reality, evolving from earliest story concepts through adaptations and changes as it moved into each of the parks, to the very latest ideas for show enhancements. This book will also confirm or dispel the various myths and rumors that surround the mysterious Mansion's story.